Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drug Rehab- How to Choose

With so many different types of drug treatment programs, choosing a rehab center can be frustrating and tedious. There are so many from which to choose! How does a person know which drug rehab to select? Can any really provide permanent sobriety?

Finding appropriate treatment does not have to be as complicated as it may seem. Substance abuse is a highly individualized experience. The ever-growing number of treatment centers actually makes it possible to pick the best option for the personal situation of the addict in question. Although research is essential, it does not have to be overwhelming. When the different elements of drug treatment are evaluated on their own merits, unfit drug rehab centers can be easily eliminated. The important factor is to locate a program that provides not only comprehensive, but also individual care and service. By concentrating on a specific person’s wants and needs, a little research can successfully find ideal treatment with lasting benefits.

Separate the “needs” from the “wants” when researching drug rehab centers. Maybe a local outpatient drug treatment program seems most hassle-free? Maybe the cheapest rehab seems more desirable? Keep in mind that the goal is not just to stop substance addiction, but to eradicate it permanently. Focusing on this ultimate goal will greatly guide the research process. Remember that quality addiction treatment does usually cost more, and complete healing often requires extensive treatment and a longer length of stay. Nonetheless, the expense and time are worth it. Meaningful addiction treatment requires proper care and should not to be taken lightly.

Drug Detox

Upon entering a treatment center, detox is the first step in the drug rehabilitation process. Before a person can begin to heal psychologically and emotionally, physical dependency of the substance must be stopped. Killing brain cells and sometimes even DNA, drug addiction and alcohol dependencies unnaturally causes the body to rely on harmful substances. As time continues, the body progressively requires larger amounts of the drug to feel “normal.” Hence, because detox interrupts bodily functioning, the body often reacts, and sometimes very painfully—even possibly harmfully. Many addictive substances of abuse are linked to specific withdrawal symptoms. However, while the jitters of Valium withdrawal can turn into a seizure, and while the convulsions of alcohol withdrawal can turn into a heart attack, round-the-clock professionals must also be ready to handle any additional complications that might arise. Health providers should always include nurses and a doctor who can subscribe medications. Detox medications are often needed to alleviate addiction withdrawal symptoms and counteract any other developing medical problems. Under the care of trained specialists, drug detox becomes a safe and brief process.

One-on-One Addiction Treatment

After detox destroys physical dependency of the harmful substance, true addiction rehabilitation can begin. Careful and extensive counseling is needed to ensure that sobriety continues indefinitely. When looking for a drug rehab, individual/group dynamics and counseling arrangements should always be a priority. Although group activities do offer excellent community-bonds for the healing process, groups should be kept limited in number. Individual attention ensures that no one is “lost in the crowd,” and everyone receives the care they need and deserve. Regular and private counseling sessions are imperative. Drug addiction is a deeply personal problem with very personal roots. Lasting addiction treatment makes the underlying causes of substance abuse paramount in the healing process. Exploring past and present experiences, people need both the full attention of a professional and the confidential and secure setting of a one-to-one environment. The potential for healing in therapy also greatly increases when specialists’ efforts are combined. Together, small-group centers, individualized therapy, and team counseling create the intensive individualized treatment needed for a long, addiction-free life.

The Union of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Holistic addiction treatment is another key component to permanent healing. A complex and individual body, mind, and spirit interdependence constructs every person. In today’s society it is difficult to keep the three harmonized with each other. However, drug addiction turns the body’s regular stress into utter violence. Physically, cells are killed and nutrients are drained. As the substance becomes of dominant importance, the body/mind/spirit connection dramatically severs, and the person’s unique individuality becomes lost. Old interests and other identity components slowly deteriorate. Drug Rehab centers that create individualized and holistic addiction treatment not only attend to the many needs of the addict or alcoholic, but also uniquely mold comprehensive programs to fit each specific individual.

Author: Abhilash Patel

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Hi. nice blog.I do have plenty of family members with addictions, mainly alcohol. I try to deal with their attitude changes and give them advice when I see them sober if I do. It's hard especially when is someone close you love.please advice them to take a drug treament program.