Monday, May 25, 2009

Addiction Recovery Guide

The Addicts Guide

Do you hate your addiction? Are you ready to kick it for good? Do you have no clue where to start? The Addicts Guide is here to help you kick your addiction for good. While The Addicts Guide was originally written for readers who had difficulty with alcohol, it's information can be applied to many other addictions, especially with drugs.

Millions of people have suffered from addiction in the past one hundred years. Luckily, with the methods included in The Addicts Guide you no longer have to be one of those suffering. There are simple ways that you can stay sober and live a perfectly normal life. However, to begin real sobriety, the type that will last more than a few weeks, you need to be willing to take the next step. Just thinking that you want to quit is not enough, your alcohol addiction needs serious treatment, and it will require serious effort on your part.

Emotions are a huge part of your addiction. Whether your addiction was to a substance that made you feel on top of the world, or at the bottom of the gutter, you can control your emotions with several techniques that are in The Addicts Guide. Experts have helped pour their professional careers into The Addicts Guide in order to assist you with the emotional impact of your addiction.

Physical reactions to addiction are often the hardest part of an addiction to overcome. Not only will you feel like you need the substance you are addicted to, you will feel constant cravings and desire to go back to your addiction for years, if not for the rest of your life. The Addicts Guide lists some great tips on how to suppress cravings and manage your addiction.

Six years of blood, sweat and tears have been poured into The Addicts Guide in order to help you get the information that you need about becoming sober. An addiction recovery plan, which is necessary in order to fully recover from your addiction is also key to The Addicts Guide. Drug addiction recovery is not done in one day, or even one month. You will need to work at your addiction treatment for many years to come. The Addicts Guide will give you hundreds of helpful tips that will make sure you stay on the right path while you are recovering from your addiction.

There is help out there for addicts. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin The Addicts Guide is here to help you. Through expert knowledge, and helpful advice you can conquer your addiction. The Addicts Guide also provides plenty of support for you after you have beat your addiction, to prevent you from ever relapsing! Get The Addicts Guide today to save yourself and your loved ones from further pain and suffering from your addiction.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Drinking Problem?

Article by: Larry McMahon

“Am I an alcoholic ?... or just a social drinker ?” How often have you asked yourself this question ? Alcohol (unlike Nicotine) is not inherently addictive. Indeed, it is true, that for most people, alcohol is a positive “quality of life” element. But sadly...for a minority of drinkers – it becomes a compulsive and life-wrecking addiction.

It seems there are three ways of becoming an alcoholic...

If you're depressed...

The first way is, if you suffer from Depression, and use alcohol as your own self-administered medication. You could say that this is yet another Irish solution to an Irish problem. A significant number of the regular customers of every bar, fall into this category. But Drink, as an anti-depressant, is very deceptive !

Initially Drink seems to help – especially if the depression takes the form of a social phobia. Alcohol helps the depressive to feel more relaxed (and less depressed). And the more he drinks – the more relaxed he feels. But unfortunately the “cure” is worse than the illness. The subsequent hangovers are especially bad – and make the depression even worse…thus driving the individual to drink again, as the only form of relief. And so the vicious cycle continues in an ever downward spiral.

Maybe it's in your Genes...

The second route into alcoholism, is through Genetics. If you happen to inherit a genetic tendency towards alcoholism, it can be a real trap. It does seem to be the case that alcoholism can run in certain families. Full marks to those individuals who spot this in their own families – and decide to take evasive action. If you see how booze can ruin so many lives within your own family tree, it can be a very wise decision to abstain totally.

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