Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Family Addiction Resource Groups

Family Addiction Recovery Resource Groups

There are millions of people whose lives are filled with chaos caused by the excessive drinking of someone close to them. Every day can be marked with distress, bitterness, sadness and fear as they keep watch of themselves versus the consequences of drinking.

There are sober forums, sober resources, face-to-face help on substance abuse and alcoholism offered online such as The Sober Village. The online support and services and live help are for codependents where they can opt for counseling, therapy, and treatment and rehab options.

Al-Anon: A worldwide fellowship of family groups who are relatives and friends of alcoholics with common experiences, strength and hope to solve the problem of alcoholism and addiction. They believe that there’s no better prescription than learning to face the problem until it loses the power to prevail in one’s life.

Alateen: Part of the Al-Anon fellowship for young people to share and discuss difficulties caused by their parents’ drinking habits. They learn ways to cope, support, encourage and help each other. They are taught to emotionally disjoin themselves from the problem while continuing to love the person, that they are not the cause, but they can only control themselves.

Nar-Anon: A worldwide non-professional fellowship of relatives and friends whose lives have been affected by a person’s addiction. It is a mutual support recovery program to share experiences and resolve their common problem. It is a religious organization, a treatment and counseling center conducted by professionals.

The diagnostic processes are adapted from AA, giving them a sense of well-being and opportunity to change and overcome the parlous situation.

1) The Twelve Steps: It is all about admission of the wrongs, searching one self’s moral inventory, restoration, making amends and believing in one authority, God; prayer, meditation and spiritual awakening and to live as He wills it.

2) The Twelve Traditions: It talks about one self’s common welfare with the purpose of helping families of addicts, not to divulge in any endorsement for money, to be self-supporting, to be responsible to those they serve, remain non-professional and anonymous with God at the center of their endeavor.

3) The Twelve Concepts of Service: Talks about responsible service, good leadership, the key to harmony, the right to be heard, spiritual foundations and delegation of authority.

Addiction resources and support for the family!


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